Jan. 1st, 2008

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First, to get it out of the way, Happy New Year!

Now then...
I'm terrible at this whole blogging thing. I've known it for some time. Neither this blog, nor my Japanese blog over at mixi, are seeing a whole lot of action these days. It's not that I'm bad at talking, anyone would tell you it's quite difficult in fact to get me to shut up even online. But for some reason, the idea of having a one-sided conversation (which is really what blogging tends to be) just doesn't work for me. I get most of my material by reaction to what others say. Picking a topic and going on and on about it by myself is difficult.

Add to that the fact that I have a tough time seeing areas of my life which might be interesting to other people. To me, I lead an extremely boring life. I never do anything, I never go anywhere, nothing ever happens. And yet, clearly that can't be true or I'd have offed myself long ago. For some reason I just don't see the events of my life as someone else might, and that's an indication of an inflexibility I should probably do something to address. So if I can manage to keep it up, I think I'll try writing a bit more often, even if I can't think of anything to write about. I imagine it will be quite tedious and boring, so feel free to tune it out.

I've been working over the holidays, and am in fact in the office right now. A terrific way to start out the first day of the new year, wasting time in the office writing on a blog. New Year's and the surrounding days are a big deal over here, central Tokyo is almost empty (and yet still not truly empty, just comparatively) as most people have taken off either for personal vacations or to head back to their hometowns for familial celebrations. It's kind of how we tend to view Christmas, a time to spend with family and/or loved ones. Of course, many of us heathen foreigners choose to work instead, saving our precious vacation days for later use.
In any case, it's nice and relaxing having the office mostly to yourself, especially when coping with New Year Morning sluggishness.


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