First Snow

Jan. 23rd, 2008 09:18 am
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Pic courtesy of Lundman
So we got our first snowfall of the season this morning. It's still coming down out there, but not too heavily. Not really enough to stay on the ground except where there's grass, but since the city is mostly concrete that means it's not really staying at all. It usually doesn't get truly cold here until the end of January or beginning of February, so this is fairly on-schedule. We typically get an occasional day of faint snowfall with none of it really sticking.

I've noticed this before, but since I'm posting now I thought I'd mention it. My route to the office involves a short trip underground via a walkway beneath the expressway. It's a small little passage down some stairs, across the street, and back up again. Only takes a minute, minute and a half I'd say. Without fail, every person, whether foreign or Japanese, always closes their umbrella about halfway down the stairs...and then re-opens it about halfway up the stairs on the other side. Even though it's less than 2 minutes from one side to the other. Even though it's just a bare passageway with nothing in it. In fact, even the thought of not closing my umbrella makes me feel kinda uncomfortable. Sometimes our irrational cultural mores are truly bizarre.

Lastly, on the tragic note of Heath Ledger's death, I couldn't help but notice that mere moments after news of the event had spread both his imdb page and his wikipedia entry were updated with the details. It is kind of creepy to know that there are people out there, hovering in place, just waiting for this kind of information. It would not surprise me in the least if some kind of informal competition were in place for most up-to-date posting of this sort of information.


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