Jan. 23rd, 2009

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Not really, but I guess it's what livejournal is for, in a sense.
Just feeling I'm in a bit of a depressed funk lately, since the turnover of the year.
I have a feeling a lot of it is related to my upcoming 10 year anniversary.
Yes, as of May 15th I'll have been in Japan for 10 years.
It's a little bit scary and a little bit sad.
I will have officially lived in Tokyo longer than I've lived anywhere else in my life.
I only ever lived "at home" in Kentville, NS for 9 years in sequence (and a few other random years disconnected).

I approach my life here these days as, well, just life. Tokyo is where I live.
It's home. It's no longer special or exciting or challenging or whatever other people
might like to think it is. It's just my home. I love living here, I really do,
but it's a place like any other. Maybe when I first came here, I could view it as a learning experience, expanding horizons, getting to know another culture and language, all that sort of stuff. Now, however, those things seem unrelated to my everyday life. That's what tourists do. I'm more concerned with living my life normally.
Which means I haven't addressed any of the linguistic or cultural issues I used to face in the past, because they just faded out of view when my everyday life became more important.

And that is kind of depressing, though I'm not entirely sure why.


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