Feb. 7th, 2008


Feb. 7th, 2008 09:23 am
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Sometimes I get ideas, and I rant about them to someone for awhile, and then they disappear forever. Usually they're stupid ideas, most of the time they're impractical or naive, but sometimes they're not bad. I figure I oughta write some down. On that note, I just started rambling at someone over IM about my ideal e-book solution.

It would have a solid spine maybe a centimeter and a half wide, thin novel width basically. That would house whatever power adapter slots, batteries, storage slots, etc you need. Aside from solid protective front and back covers, the inside would consist of about 6 sheets of digital paper. At the bottom and top of every sheet of paper would be small round holes such as were used in tractor-feed paper for printers in the Good Old Days(tm). The first one or two holes on the left and right sides of the sheet would contain input contacts. The spine would use these to feed the data to the paper. You turn pages as you would in a normal book, but as you turn the fourth page over the first page is slid through the spine to reappear at the back of the book. Thus you always have three pages on either side. When you reach the point where the remainder of the file being read can fit on three double-side pages, of course the sliding mechanism stops to allow you to finish reading using the end-pages. I chose 6 sheets because I figure it will be easier to ignore the sliding about of pages if there are at least two or more sheets on top of the moving one.

This seemingly silly mechanism would allow people to get the benefits of digital storage of books, without losing the feel of reading a book. Almost everyone I know who is an avid reader hates reading things on a screen, and part of that reason is that it just doesn't feel the same. There's something enjoyable about turning pages. I'm sure this is by no means an original idea, but I just thought I'd write it down.


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